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title: Ouh you injured foot! :(
date: Friday, May 14, 2010
time:2:17 PM
hey dodols,

How long has it been since I last blog?I'm unsure.Well anyway I'm free now;so decided to blog on some things.I took some pics of my injured foot/feet.The swelling has decrease at the top part of my feet.Now the bottom part is swelling;and the blueblack is well..spreading.

Anyway a warning to all.If you find this pics disturbing please stop reading ouhk!DOn't mind my feet please.heh

See how bad the top part has swollen? And here in this pic see that spot of blueblack?Well that's the part where i felt like something burst! :S

If you're wondering bout those scars well that was what happen when you eat..well..I'm not sure actually what was the cause of it.It could be chicken?water?spices? well i don't know...

Can you see the difference?Hmm?How'd you like that huh?

And did you know what the doctor from CGH said "Well i don't see any fractures at your feet.You can go now yea.Nothing's wrong."

Me and Dad, "Huh?!(that's it?!)"

Doctor, "Ouh you wanna bandage uh?Okok I give you dressing."

To add on to that he said that I'm discharged and I will recover in THREE days.

And so by the fifth day the swelling didn't stop.I decided to head down to SGH.

What's worst was that it's on my birthday.My freaking birthday and I soend half the day there.GREAT!

..to make myself feel better did a lil shopping at the hospital itself.Best sioll being pushed around on a wheelchair!

The next day spend some time at grams house,finally cut a cake!heh.Not gonna upload pics for that though cause my mum is such a talented cameraman!!Yea seriously you can pay her to take pics! -__-

Got home and was surprised with this....

An inflated balloon,a melodious card and a box of belgium chocolates... ^.^
I wasn't shock though cause I was told bout the package.hahaha.My sis was!

Mum took this pic of us.FANTASTIC!

Thank you to everyone who has wished me,care and concern for me :))
and yes I shall heal as fast as I can!I'm already missing the feeling of wearing heels :(

Afiqah :)

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date: Thursday, May 6, 2010
time:3:05 PM
Hey dodols,

Currently am in class with lots on my mind.Am done with presentation though.Wanna know what's on my mind?Well let me tell you...

1)Today is fyp meeting but faci can only meet us after the talk which ends at 5:30.Now how the hell am i gonna go back?:(

2)I'm in soo much pain right now,wanting to eat those nasty-taste painkillers.However I will fall asleep after eating it. :S

3)I'll be going back to Jakarta in 2weeks time.I can't believe it but I think I'm going with crutches! :'(

4)Mum research on my injury yesterday night.It is said that the fracture could only be seen after 2-3weeks.What's worst is there are chances I need to undergo surgery;which clearly I am very frighten of! :SS

So much on my mind,can't decide.Too indecisive,fickled.Hmm...reminds you of someone?It definitely reminded me of someone.tsk


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title: What can I say?
date: Tuesday, May 4, 2010
time:2:07 PM
Hey dodols,

I bet you all heard,saw,found out that I hurt my foot ya?Came back to school today after 3days of MC.Damn walking with crutches is tiring and it hurts my armpit luh!This is the part where people/me would say "having a boyfriend would come in handy!" and it's true.Especially if he can drive.hehe

Not that I'm making use of him but more like you know making things a lil convenient for me to go and back from school.Kesian gue,kaki uda sakit kok masih pegi skola.AHH!

Anyhoots,Last sunday my cousin,Rozaidah,got married.I was assuming that the guy would also be an Indian Muslim(typically because she is..heh) but he's not.Damn fair like chinese lah!Totally shock me!

At first I was wondering if I should wear sari/saree to her wedding but thank goodness I didn't!If not I would definitely stand out man!Anyway some pics taken.Couldn't take much because the bloody cameramen are blocking my freaking way!SO DAMN IRRITATED LAH.

Come on!How many cameraman do you need for a wedding?Ain't two enough?This one until 4 or 5 seh like WTFF?!!I gave them that look.That look which says "you fucking get out of my way before I blow up.Hell no you don't wanna mess with a Taurus!kekeke

Did I mention the venue?Oh I did not.The solemnization ceremony was held at the brides home while the reception was held at Mandai Orchid Garden.
(p.s. let me dish out to you total for it... 30,000 bucks siolll!!shhhh...)

See the guy in black t-shirt with his hand covering his mouth?Not bad right?keke.He was trying to make a pass on me when we were both at the fondue counter.If he had finish his sentence I would have stopped to chat but damn who could resist those chocolates!!! (and my girls said I was foolish -__-)

The awaiting bride;playing peek-a-boo at the staircase as she witness the whole ceremony.

Simple yet elegant.Me likey a lot! :)
Seems shy here..
From the groom to the bride.
From the bride to the groom.
This is essential in a Muslim's life :)
feeling it!kekeke

Front Desk
Doorway to the reception itself.
Decorated with candelabra.
Berkat comes in a form of a young pot of plant.
An english styled dias..
A reception is incomplete without a wedding cake;from Perfect Frosting.
MENTEL but gemok!
Dude wth are you doing??!
It feels soo good to be touched by a leaf.kekeke
The arrival of the bride and groom.
When pakcik2 talk,they talk non-stop!

This dodol might be half chinese,part malay and part indian but he doesn't look an ounce chinese or indian at all!
This dodol is the above dodol's brother.Now he look chinese right? Yeaa..from RP also but I don't see him around!Ouh this two dodols are my cousin.Their older brother is absent from this event.
Cepat lah masok!
Ape?Nak amek gambar eh? Boleh boleh!
Ouhk cepat amek! *snap*

Well that's basically it! and this post btw took me 3days.heh :))

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