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title: More lovely Jalabiya ♥♥
date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010
time:8:51 PM
Hey Dodols,

Currently am sitting in my room with LuluBelle by my side;and she's falling asleep!! Anyway if you have not known already my love for clothes is going even more crazy especially those clothes which makes me feel different and very princess-y.I know right!Isn't it unbelievable??!?!!

Recently I ordered 4piece of Abaya/Jalabiya from Geylang.Yeah you got that right.Geylang,that wet market below,retail above.Of course I am no typical girl whom go for the finer things in life which would cost a hell lot!I prefer to go for the simpler things in life which is unique yet affordable! ^.^

Anyway I will give a peek of it soon when i try it on yea...for now feast your eyes on these lovely Jalabiyas by
designers from Dubai,Bahrain and around the world.

First up will be by KANZI.Gorgeous ain't it?It would make a great piece for Eid!!

Spring/Summer Collection 2010:

The truth is there's more but I think I'm gonna keep it for myself.hehehe

But but but if you do like KANZI's design,you can always drop by their webby @ http://www.kanziboutique.com/


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title: Death is Inevitable.
date: Saturday, June 12, 2010
time:12:45 AM

Hey dodols,

just yesterday at around 9.55pm when I got back from dinner,I found my baby dead.Yea dead.He has been sick and I have noticed him being very angsty and weak for the past two days.I can't believe it didn't cross my mind that those are actually the signs.Just like Casper Belle,both gives the same character before death.

(Megat with his twin sister,Dewi)

It happen so quickly.Just yesterday I was fostering him as his previous owner is allergic to them.I too recently discovered that I am allergic to them.I feel bad,it's as though he knows my allergy and thus decide to go his own way.

As predicted I cried but this time round I am much calmer about it.I've learnt to handle death better.As much as I love him I will not shed a tear of sadness.He is far too handsome of a cat!There he goes,the boy who would rest on my lap as I "massage" him.He would even fall asleep.

What's worst is,even Dewi is suffering from the same sickness and she too is quite weak now.I can't bear another death in a short period of time thus please don't take her away from me just yet.I want her to get better,to go to a better home where no one is allergic to her like I am.

As I type,I'm holding back my tears but what am I to do?It's just so sad and I just can't stop blaming myself.
Death is inevitable,but life still has to go on.Thus I bid farewell to you my love,Megat.May you rest in peace.Amin.

Afiqah :'(

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title: Artist focus of the day
date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010
time:2:51 PM
Hey dodols,

I just watched MTV Movie Awards and my attention was drawn to Kristen Stewart.This girl started of from Panic Room to Zathura and now the current teen madness, TWILIGHT.

Realise it or not but her face hasn't changed a bit from she first starred in movies.Anyway she do make a good model.The sharp features on her face makes her such a commercial face.So below are a few of her shots which I personally liked...
I just love this shot of her.It made her legs look really long.
Another very sultry looking Kristen.

So yea I think she's pretty talented.Her acting for Twilight is still a bit kaku.I really think she should give more facial expression.It's like it's limited to gloomy,emo,smirk? and well I don't know..quite limited huh?

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title: Just call me crazy!
date: Monday, June 7, 2010
time:2:08 AM
Hey dodols,

Yea this is my second post tonight.Basically because I have a lot going on in my mind.With the current problem at the back of my head,there are loads more actually.

Anyway everytime I go shopping for Muslimah stuff,I go crazy!!Like seriously CRAZY!!It's like I have a fetish with clothes,scarves,make-ups and accessories. Recently in Singapore(not so recant luh actually)more and more women are wearing hijab!That's not the only reason why I blog this.I notice that the recent trend is to wear erm..shawl? and this Abu-Nafkha-style-Hijab; which in layman's term means there's a huge bulge under your scarve.Creating an impression that you have very thick hair when actually...NOT.

Hah!For a minute there I was fooled by this ladies but now I know the trick and I'm gonna share it with you ;)

Ouhk now you wanna know the trick?

It's simple! Just get a large floral hairclip like below...

.....and clip it on to your bonjot(hair bun).If this doesn't work, you can always get those fake buns which they sell in hair accessories stores like Chamelon.

This too I read from another Muslimah's blog: http://www.hijabstyle.co.uk/

She's great!I swear!Go check her out.Ouh and she too recently blog about Maysaa.Currently a growing Muslimah fashion brand.Homebased at UK.Quite pricey truthfully but design are authentic.She has the same idea as I do. Her designs doesn't focus on Muslimah only(target market) but also others who does not wear hijab but loves conservative clothing.You get what I mean?Nvm....

Anyway here is her blog.I favourite-d her longggg ago and has been waiting for her line to come out!She was even being featured in Arab BBC!! :O Cool or what! : http://www.stylecovered.com/

I just loveee this picture!

Below is the picture of the lady herself, Hana Tajima-Simpson.A mix of Japanese and English.Beautiful ain't she?You should check her out in Chictopia.Unfotch I've forgotten what's her link for that....

Don't get me wrong;I'm not stalking her.I just love her style.She inspires me in a way wear it make me wanna wear hijab more and more.

Anyway I was Google-ing images of fellow sisters wearing hijab and how they dress(basically yea this is where I get all my inspirations from).Interesting interesting styles from all over the world!However let's focus on the "renowned" society in Dubai ^.^

The gorgoues Abayas you are about to witness are by Homa Qamar. :)

WOOHOO!I want a piece of this for myself! :P

(left-right) Hanayen, Amal Murad, Homa Qamar, Abeer Al Suwaidi

I loveee the first 3.No offence but don't like the whole thing bout the forth one.

So if you too are a fan of Hana, like me....then you can check her out more in her vids of how to wear simple hijabis and fashion drawing... 

Afiqah :)

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title: I'm serious about being a Muslimah
time:12:52 AM

Hey Dodols,

A little controversy here and there.Well let's just suck it up and don't bother yea. They thought I wasn't serious about being a Muslimah.Well listen up! I am still young and am still trying to figure who I am and myself. I know where I stand so I don't need you to tell me that.

Please yea before you wanna talk about me,do mirror yourself;unless you are any better than me then you may have your say. I understand that you're a Muslim too but you fail to notice that in Islam,we must be careful of what we say. Make sure that what we say,speak or even write does not hurt others in any way.Yea that's right.I'm giving you "lessons" now.

From what I learned from my Ustaz, for example:

a) If that person does not own say a luxurious car/home,do not talk to them about it.That would make them jealous,hurt them in some form.

b) If there are sensitive issues,do not even think of speaking about it.This might hurt them indirectly without you realising it.

Thus my dear readers and friends, this does not only apply to being a Muslim but in a wider aspect,it involves people's feelings.It's not something to laugh about;no it's far from that!Us humans,we are very fragile at heart.We get affected easily.Our feelings and emotions,sometimes cause us to think negatively about some things.

I'm not pin-pointing at anyone but yea if you terase means you must have done something wrong somewhere.Don't get me wrong.Always remember that this is my blog and I'm just letting out my thoughts.

Afiqah :)

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title: It's a Kinda Magic!
date: Friday, June 4, 2010
time:1:45 AM

Ola dodols,

I was wondering,have i blogged about my "recent" QUEEN concert?
Guess not huh?
Oh wells here we go!

As usual tanx to my injured feet,the people around me never fail to give me a privileged service.Yeaa that's right,you read it; PRIVILEGED!!

Let's go straight to the concert shall we?So when I reached the Esplanade Theatre,the workers there were worried that I would be unable to go up the escalator so they offered me help but I said it was fine. (great first class service.BAGUS!Keep it up orang-orang Esplanade! =D )

Anyway watched the concert,enjoyed it very much.Took vids of them,pics of us,them.Have been standing for hours but it's ouhk...because...


The mother and son duo.

spot my boyfriend!!


from far he looks handsome,but when I took a closer look;eeeyerr hairy luh!

Yea..this is my boyfriend! ^.^
I know right..long curly locks like wtf fiqa?! but still omg I love him luh!Like love at first sight you know...

zoooom into my boyfriend again...(omg Fiqa stop it!!)

They were wondering why "Mr. Freddie" pulled up my leg;and so he explained that it's because both of us was injured but mine was much deeper than his.Ouh wells,this foot really attracts lots of attention!

told ya he pulled up my leg just for this shot!

(mum's being camera woman here)

I told him "I've been standing since just now just for you.."
and so he told me 
"then I doing this now specially for you..(wink)"

whoa whoa whoa...sweet siol this guy!Really knows how to sweet talk me.kekeke

Alright nights dodols.I shall blog about Jakarta trip and overdue pics of Bali soon?

Afiqah :)

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